Monday, 23 April 2012

A Beautiful People

Last Friday I came home from San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.  I spent a wonderful six days at my mom's home there and I have to say, I love the people!  They are the most passionate bunch I have ever met, they always have a smile for you and an "Ola" and the way the media has tainted the whole country is horrible.  Yes, certain areas you must stay away from, but that's true for any vacation you may take abroad, common sense is a must and Mexico is no exception.  The sad thing out of all of it is these wonderfully loving people are the one's getting caught in the crossfire.

My first day there we met a young man named Ernesto on the beach.  He sells silver jewellery from his knapsack and black display case he had tucked under his arm.  He was incredibly sweet and instead of continuing on to sell his wares, he hunkered down on the sand and told us how he had just moved from Mazatlan to live with his brother in Cabo, because Mazatlan was a deserted tourist spot, no one's going there anymore and he couldn't make a living.  We continued to talk for an hour or more, him giving us a Spanish lesson and we returned the favour by helping him with his English and even though he could have been bitter about how things were, he remained thankful, citing the fact that there were people far worse off than he was.
On my first day in a new country that could very well be facing financial ruin, a young man with enormous passion and love of family, reminded me what was truly important – thank you Ernesto, we truly could learn a lesson from you and your people.

Have a great day.