Friday, 16 September 2011

A Younger Generation

In past blogs I have shared with you how my writing had inspired a few younger writers, which of course pleases me beyond belief and have wanted to take that to the next level. I had thought about how to approach it, such that, should I hold my own workshop (that would not be a pretty sight), maybe do something with the St. Albert Public Library (who by the way does have a copy of Absolute Obsession for your reading pleasure) or...well I didn't know.

However, I have set some wheels in motion. I've contacted both school boards in St. Albert and Edmonton and am on the path, fingers crossed, of perhaps encouraging some young minds to listen to their inner self.  This I am extremely excited about, because even if one finds that passion or maybe one discovers a dream they never knew they had, then me being a writer is exactly where I am supposed to be -- regardless of how I got here.

Have a great day and weekend.