Monday, 6 February 2012

The Secret to Romance

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many are thinking about what is an appropriate gift to buy for the one they love, some may be worrying that they can't afford those expensive gifts and some will simply buy whatever is out there on the shelves.  It's all very nice and we do appreciate it when we receive those gifts.  However, when looking upon that empty box of chocolates, after popping the last succulent one into our mouth, is that our romantic quota for the year?

I believe there is a misconception as to what romance truly is.   Romance isn't diamonds, jewellery, boxes of chocolate, flowers, or anything of the like -- it isn't defined by material goods, or a dollar value.  Romance is a soft touch as you pass by, a wisp of a kiss just so you can be close, a hug with a snuggle into the nape of my neck, listening when I have so much to tell you and yes, my favorite, the sweet nothings whispered in my ear -- that is romance.

So for all you men out there who are struggling to figure out what to get, the above is the gift that keeps on giving and will immortalize you in our hearts.

Have a great day.