Friday, 10 February 2012

Writing the Perfect Valentine

If you want to write your own perfect Valentine, you'll have to be willing to strip away that protective guard we hide our feelings behind to protect us and unveil your vulnerability.  That is step one.

Next, start writing using basic words, such as love, kind, and happy.  Then explore the thesaurus to change it up a bit.  So, instead of writing "I love you" jot down "you are my passion" and continue writing little quotes that directly relate to how you feel.  It won't be an easy task.  Conveying emotion paper is difficult even for a romance writer, but it can be done.  Go with your gut, listen to that inner voice and I guarantee that what you will end up with, is a Valentine your love will hold onto for years to come -- after all, isn't life all about giving of one's self?  I think so.

Have a great day and weekend