Monday, 12 December 2011

A Mind Change

First off let me apologize, I know the blog has been quite sporadic lately, you can blame Saydi and Nathanael. Now, having said that...

As I was going through another round of edits, there was a scene that was bothering me, so I changed it... Argg! What was I thinking?  Changing a scene after a book is completed is like going back in time and changing your mind. Think about it... if you made a different decision and went a different way, what happens? Everything after that moment changes and that's essentially what I did. With the small scene change, emotions were different, the outcome of certain things switched, peoples' attitudes towards each other went from good to bad or depending on who they were, bad to good. Some fighting stopped, others escalated. The list goes on and on... Not my brightest moment, though I do like the scene better.

Then last night I couldn't help but think how close to real life changing that scene was -- how a simple decision could have such a different impact on your life. Here's hoping we always make the right ones.

Have a great day.