Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Battle

The past few or more weeks has been a battle of wits.  Real life has taken up most of my attention and it's been difficult only being able to write little bits and pieces here and there, not fully focusing on it.

The reason I'm whining about it, is because I have a fear that I'll forget where I left off, or even worse Michael, Rose and the gang won't come back to me.  This has never happened, but it's still a legitimate fear. 

Writing their story isn't a chore, actually it's quite the opposite, it's my place to escape the everyday life.  So when I'm unable to get to it for long stretches, I miss it, I miss being in their world and listening to them yatter on and on, making me laugh, making me angry, and so on.  The last couple of days have been especially hard, they've played very heavy on my mind and unfortunately, it looks like it will be another few days before I can sit down and pay full attention to them -- I can't wait.

Have a great day.