Monday, 19 March 2012

The Zone and Finding Balance

We've all had moments where we didn't want to socialize with anyone and honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting a little time alone, but what if that time alone isn't really being alone?

I'm referring to the zone.  The zone is the place that takes me into a completely different world and has me surrounded by a  new bunch of people, ones that set about telling me their stories.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well, the fact of the matter is, it has actually taken me this long to find balance when new characters make themselves known.

When Michael and Rose first entered the stage (and we all know at that time I wasn't sure if I was losing my mind or, well...that was pretty much what I thought) they and their cohorts  completely consumed me, taking over my psyche and throwing the balance in my own life off kilter.  However, in time, I was able to find the balance.  I can now decide which world I want to or need to be in, which "zone" requires my attention the most and even sometimes be in two places at once... figure that one out. Ha ha.

Have a great day.