Monday, 7 November 2011

It's Always a Rollercoaster

Today my tour takes you to a book review from Cafe of Dreams.  It made me cry, she wrote beautiful words.

You've heard me talk many times about the ups and downs of trying to get published, the continuous rejections and having to grow a very thick skin.  It's no different after being published, it's no longer query rejections, it's opinions about your work, your love, your baby, also known as reviews. They can bring on happy tears and sad tears, sometimes outright anger, making your hands ball up in fists and then there's the one's  we truly celebrate because someone else totally got what you were trying to write down.

It takes a thick skin to be an author, but it would still be nice if everyone understood that the name on the cover of the book is a person.

Have a great day.

C. Elizabeth