Monday, 14 November 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Today for my tour I am at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews, drop by and take a peek.

It's been difficult focusing on what to write in the Blog these days and it's only because I have been completely over run by new characters. The book is coming along fabulously and I was hoping to finish up the first draft this past weekend, unfortunately it didn't happen, but I am happy with the progress.  Anyway, I am asking for your patience if the blog is not updated everyday, for some reason I can't get mind off this bunch and they're making it difficult to shift gears and write something else (Don't Michael and Rose are still there, but they've finally learned patience themselves).  Just to let you know it'll be neat when you meet Saydi and Nathanael, you're going to freak.

Have a great day