Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trying to Get There

They've done it again. They revealed a scene a couple of months ago that has been in the back of mind and which belongs to the third of the Absolute Trilogy -- it being the scene that sets up the end.  However, that scene needed all the defining factors to come into play before it could been written out at all.

It is also a scene that I luv and am extremely excited to write.  So much so, that I find myself wanting to get to it so badly, I'm hurrying through most of the prior story, leaving out details and emotions, simply writing down the skeleton. The plan  is to go back and fill in those very, very important elements, but until my masterpiece part is written, it will stay a skeleton. That's not to say that the gang isn't telling me what those details are as I hurry through -- there are many small pieces of paper, piled in a specific spot, that will eventually complete Rose and Michael's finale'.

Have a great day. 

C. Elizabeth