Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Real Life

Yesterday was one of those days where I wished I could have hid away and wrote.  Yup it was just one of those days were scenarios and plots ran through my mind continuously as Michael and Rose relayed them to me, and not being able to put it all down on paper I, in essence, ignored them.

Then the paralegal part of my day was at an end and I was excited to get home and write down what I managed to retain of their story.  That wasn't going to happen -- instead real life happened.  A friend dropped by for a short visit, hubby was in need of my attention and  wanted to talk about his day, etc., etc.. At first I was irritated, because all I wanted to do was pay attention to the words rattling around in my brain.  But as the evening came to a close, I realized there was a good reason why that part of their story wasn't going to be written (not yesterday anyway).  I was looking for an escape, finding a reason in every situation that presented itself, not to write, why?  Because what I have to write puts me at odds -- remember I'm Michael when he hurts and I'm also Rose when she hurts...

Have a great day.