Friday, 14 October 2011

A Daily Peace

Again I have discovered something, (I know, I know!). I've said  before that writing gives me peace, how much wasn't really known until my discovery yesterday as I wrote. 

As you all know the summer and the past weeks have been a drivel and a dabble of writing for me, only squeezing it in where I could. Well this past week I've been on holidays and at first my days were getting filled with appointments and errands, until at the last minute I decided to clear my whole schedule to write.

My discovery -- I have to write every day. It's as much a necessity for me as my full-time job, eating, and sleeping.  Why?  Because when I write, I am in tune with my whole heart and whole soul, no outside elements matter at that moment, the only thing real are my inner emotions and the story going on within me. How many of us can say that we have delved so deep within ourselves, that we actually immerse ourselves in peace, allowing us to discover without fear -- to me that is writing. With such peace, I fear nothing for which I will discover of myself.

Have a great day and weekend. 

C. Elizabeth