Thursday, 5 January 2012

Saydi and Nathanael

Well, it's been a wacky couple of months, but Saydi and Nathanael are in the home stretch. Wings has asked for the manuscript and I will be submitting it in the next couple of days once my editor, Melanie Saxton and I go through it quickly one more time.  If anyone is looking for an excellent editor who will go above and beyond to make your work a masterpiece, then Melanie is who you are looking for. 

I must say I'm very proud and excited about this novel.  It is a Young Adult, Paranormal/Fantasy Romance with an interesting bunch of twists. So much so, there is a stack of notes about two to three inches thick by my computer, that I had to write down to keep track of what was happening, where people were, and what people could do (yes they have powers), it was confusing at times,  but with the way it turned out, it was well worth it.

However, what excites me the most, is how well the characters developed through it all, I really like them and I hope you will too.

Have a great day.