Thursday, 13 October 2011

Running out of Hours

There are 24 hours in a day and out of that we need to take away at least 7 for sleep and that's stretching it. Then we take away 8 for work, another 1 for commuting to and from work (and that's being generous it's more like one and a half hours), say another 2 for meals, on average 1 on errands, maybe 2 at the gym, at least 2 on marketing Absolute Obsession (writing the blogs, articles, etc.) and then time to be with the family.  This is an average work day for most people, the things that have to be done may be different, but it's a pretty good assessment.

If this is how we run our days, where is the time for us to do things simply for ourselves? All of our days are scheduled around doing what needs to be done or has to be done. Is that living or just simply existing?

Today, make an hour just for you, to do as you want, no one telling you what to do, where you need to be, no schedule. Take it, after all, it was yours to begin with before life got in the way.

Have a great day