Monday, 5 March 2012

Young Love

I was at a wedding this past weekend for my friend's daughter.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a very lovely reception.  The bride, of course, looked beautiful, the groom was very handsome and all had good time, including myself.

As I watched the traditional evening unfold I couldn't help but smile and feel all tingly inside when I saw how the bride and groom looked at each other during their first dance as husband and wife, their little smitten glances -- you couldn't slap the smiles off their faces as they both gazed, yes gazed, into each other's eyes.

It was wonderful to see such young love. It brought me back in time, jogging the memory of what it feels like when you find new love -- the butterflies that dance in your tummy in anticipation of seeing them, hanging on every word they say while they tell you about their dreams and desires, wanting to give them everything, including your soul. It's a time when you feel free, when the future holds everything and the world is at your fingertips.  Ahhh! Young love.

Contrats sweethearts!

Have a great day.