Monday, 30 January 2012


I've heard it said, on numerous occasions, that one of the hardest things for some authors to do, is pick a title for their masterpiece.  Up until now, I found that interesting, because for me, the titles were always the next thing that popped into my head after the first paragraph did.  However, the bunch that took the stage this time are stubborn.  Yes, another book is on the horizon and the story is being told, but my characters have yet to reveal the title and honestly, it's driving me crazy. Arg!!! (I think they're rebelling).

As their words flow across the pages, the fact that their story doesn't have a name is never far from the forefront of my mind. Which, of course, means, I'm constantly shushing them when my brain decides to change direction and runs through a plethora of possible titles.  In essence... this bunch has me struggling.  Hmm, maybe I'll push them to the back of the line and see who's next.  I'm allowed to do that, after all, I'm the author.

Have a great day.