Monday, 26 March 2012

Writer's Block or Not?

Every novel starts with a premise/idea/fantasy and however it starts, it evolves with each letter and word written.  However, what happens when the evolution stumbles and you can't quite find the path your characters are talking about?  Is that considered writer's block?

A new world has been playing in my head for over a month now and I have written quite a bit of it, but have been struggling with vast parts and it was this past weekend when I realized why -- I was trying to write someone else's story at my convenience, not when they needed me to listen.  In essence, I was forcing them on stage and all that got me was storytelling at it's worse, there was no passion in the words, no emotion in the tone -- it was blah!

Was it writer's block?  I don't think so, I simply stopped listening -- that has since been corrected.  I'm armed with a pen and have ensured that paper, big and small, surround me, all at the ready for when Jolecia and Gavri speak.

Have a great day