Friday, 18 November 2011

Who We Write For

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I've talked a lot about listening to my characters and writing their stories as they tell it, but it isn't really as easy as that. Let me give you an example: You're telling your friends about something that happened to you and while you're telling them about the sequence of events, your hands are moving, your facial expression always explain more than we know and even your body language helps the listener to feel the horrific or wonderful  event that happened in your life.  Now take that same story and tell it to someone who cannot see and still get across all those emotions, without the body language, hand gestures or facial expressions.  That's storytelling at its best.

We listen to and see our characters in each scene, our job is to watch their facial expressions, hand movements, and body language and get it down in words. We as writers, write for everyone who cannot see what we see... That is the reader.

Have a  great day