Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What's in it for Me?

When I found out that Absolute was going to be published it was a feeling that one can't describe (I know! Me saying something can't be described).  Well, in all fairness, I probably could, but it would end up being a two part mini-series blog.

As time went on, more and more people would ask if I knew how many sales I had made.  Of course there was no way of knowing until I got that first quarterly report.  But what struck me, was some would mention the royalties and how my getting published probably wouldn't completely sink in, until I saw that first cheque -- not so much.  Honestly, when the first quarterly report came in, I don't even think I read the whole thing. Actually I remember looking at the numbers, not the dollar figures, but how many minds Michael and Rose were coming to life in.

The thought of the royalties never once entered my mind until someone mentioned it to me, after the fact and I thought "hmm, that's a bonus."  How do you put a monetary amount on something that is a piece of you, of who you are?  I don't gage my success on how big my bank account gets, for me, I'm already successful.  I've  been given a gift and have found the passion for it, something that makes me happy every time I sit at the computer and whip out my thesaurus, besides if anything were to gage my success in writing -- it would be you, my readers.

Have a great day.