Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's Okay. Really!

When someone finds out that I'm a writer, the very next question, 100% of the time, is "what do you write about?" or "what type of novel is it?" and no matter how the question is posed, it's always the same answer, "it's a romance".  Not once have I turned red with embarrassment when I've uttered those words, nor have I quickly glanced down, while sweeping my toe across the ground, as if I have been caught doing something wrong -- I WRITE ROMANCE! (Sorry didn't mean to yell.)

Even though over 60% of book sales are within the romance genre, readers still feel the need to hide the fact that they love them.  Why is that?  Why is there such a stigma attached to words that can take the reader on a journey that will have them believing in true love again, that chivalry hasn't died, that life can hold happiness, that dreams can come true?  Why is such a wonderful experience for each reader such a horrible admittance when they're asked "hey, watcha reading?"?

I don't want any readers to feel like they have to hide when they read my book or any romance novel for that matter, there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of and honestly, I hope one day while I’m standing in a line or on a plane or sitting in a waiting room, that I spot someone reading Absolute Obsession – that would make my year and beyond.
Have a great day.