Thursday, 3 November 2011

Who Are You? How Did You Get Here?

Today my tour stop is a review by Live to Read.
Come take a peek (after you read my blog of course.)

The above is a fairly loaded question, it can be answered in many different ways. However, what I'm trying to ask is... How often do you reflect on how you became who you are? Do you know which were the defining moments in your life that carved that certain piece of you? Most of us probably couldn't pin point any of those moments and most of us would more than likely say "I have no regrets".

However, would you change something in the past and if so, what part of you, as a person, would be different? That question only brings more questions. If you changed that part of your past, doesn't that mean you wouldn't be who you are today? And then, does that mean you don't like who you are now?

Hmm, I could sit here all day and ask questions revolving around this very topic, so I'll leave you with my advice... Love who are, live for the moment, the past doesn't define you, your present actions do.

Have a great day.

C. Elizabeth