Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's Not All Rose and Michael

My tour takes me to Wakela's World for a book review, here's hoping it was better than yesterdays.

This site, on a whole, has been dedicated to the series of Absolute Obsession.  However, as you know, Rose and Michael have been jockeying lately for attention and you also know, there's a new gang in town.

I will forever be grateful for Michael and Rose, they pushed their way through showing me how to be a writer, how to listen, how to pay attention and because of their persistence, I have become a published author. However because of that, they have opened the flood gates for new and aspiring characters that want their voices heard.

Though I may be focused elsewhere, Michael and Rose still have my attention and will until it's time for them to depart the stage permanently and bid adu.  For me they will always play a part in every voice I write, their luv, their understanding and their words, will forever echo in the background of each new scene written.  The seed they planted will flourish.

No, their story isn't finished yet and until it is, I will hold on tight.

Have a great day.