Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Can Love Conquer All?

This is the question that I am asking right now. I find myself at a crossroads and this question keeps popping up.  Somehow I'm struggling with what Michael and Rose are telling me and the real world. For some strange reason it's got me over thinking it and has me perplexed.

We all know that there are some pretty wild stories of love out there, some that could be considered farfetched, but real nonetheless. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if what Michael and Rose are telling me could happen in real life, even if it is way out there, in essence, questioning their realism.

Now in questioning the validity of such a notion, I have left Rose sitting on one end of the stage, Michael on the other, both tapping their foot on the ground waiting for me to give the cue for them to run into each other's arms and kiss.

Now this whole scenario propagatesa few other questions.  Who do I think I am? Where exactly do I fit in this situation? Whose story is it?

All right, fine! As the author I lose.  Go on, get it over with, kiss already!

Question answered.

Have a great day.